Yes I'm Back… Back Again…

Mornin Y’all,

C’est Moi, Arabic Voice Over Artist (or artiste) back in the saddle and ready to think out loud.

So! A few things have happened and I’ll be discussing those as well as a few thoughts and a bit of news:

1. For those who don’t read the blog regularly I just got back from a trip to Vienna, Austria where the winter is almost in full swing and everything (except bars and a few restaurants I can’t eat in) closes at 7 pm. I wasn’t going to stay more than 2.5 days in Vienna but I have to say that is probably the hungriest I’ve been in a while.

My thanks go to Paul Strikwerda who tried to hook me up with a list of places that sell halal (islamically kosher) food in vienna. I did actually visit a while back and got a list of the places that sell halal food in Vienna but my visit was so short and the work conference was going to eat way more time than I had to actually visit those restaurants during their working hours. If only they delivered food like they do in Egypt.

Ultimately it was my company’s fault for not indicating to the hotel that I would have special dietary requirements. Yet still it was odd that they didn’t even have kosher food. Aaaanyway.

One of the best things about living in Egypt is the fact that you can order pretty much anything and get it delivered to your home. From Pharmacies to fast food joints… from grocery stores to vegetable and fruit stands… you want it… they deliver it.


2. I have decided to decommission ILVOW or “I Love Voice-Over Work” (the website) since no one had visited for at least 3 weeks. So I figured no one is interested in a place to share stories like ILVOW. Ultimately it makes me glad I didn’t invest in a domain name and a proper script because that money would have been considered wasted. RIP – ILVOW.

3. Right after getting back from Austria I was thrown into the Maelstrom that is moving from one apartment to another. My wife and I have been moving a few of the little things over the past 2 weeks (prior to my traveling) and thought that the rest would be just the big furniture… alas that was not the case. We moved about 99% of the stuff on Saturday and I had to take yesterday off work to help get the rest of the 1% from the old apartment and hand over the apartment keys. I am dead tired from driving back and forth from the old house to the new… and then at around 9 pm (hear that Vienna) me and my wife went shopping for the week (cause our fridge was empty for the move). And got back to our apartment with everything at 10:30 at night.

News & Stuff

So … Lets think out loud for a bit. How have my peeps been doing while I was gone? I got an email a day ago from Olivier Lecerf a fellow voice over casting member and sometime blogger asking about the whereabouts of Brian Hudson.

As far as I can glean (awkward word isnt it) from the guys at the people who put together Brian decided to return to the US and so no longer works in Brazil with Produlz … which means he is no longer on the team.

Brian if you are out there … best of luck and we all thank you for putting the website together and being one of its founding fathers.

The Man in charge of the site now is Fernando M. Areias the owner and CEO of

For those who knew Fernanda (the feminine form of fernando) who was also part of the team… she has also left and Mr. Felipe Hoenen is her replacement.

Thats about it for now.




  1. Sounds like you have had your hands full Taji! But I am glad that you & the family are finally moved & settling in. As for Brian… That is sad news to hear. Brian was really great & will be missed indeed! Would have been nice to get a heads up fro him but what will be shall be eh? I am also sorry about ILVOW… I feel badly – I think it was more an out of sight out of mind kind of thing. Kick us in the butt a little & I am sure more people would have flocked to the site to share stories. I had some I kept meaning to share but then work & life tended to step in the way… Anyhow, just stopping in to say hello! 🙂


  2. I have been wondering what happened to Brian! The last news I got was that he was on vacation and going for his Brazilian citizenship. That was way back in July.
    Michelle and I were going crazy with worry wondering what happened to him. Michelle even contacted every person in Brazil with the surname “Hudson.”! I think our next move would have been to get on a plane and look for him down there – Michelle coming from the East Coast and me from the West Coast.
    AS for Fernanda Manzo, I was planning on contacting her this week. She is a sweetheart, and will be greatly missed by all of us!
    Why didn’t anyone let us know? Brian and Fernanda were not only vital members on this site, but good friends.
    Does anyone know how where to locate them?

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