Winter New

Copyright Digitalblasphemy
Copyright Digitalblasphemy

As you guys know I like to shake things up every once in a while… So as a change from my usual cutting edge investigative journalism (believe it or not I do have a degree in journalism that I don’t use!) I have decided to showcase a poem I wrote (and voiced) last August I wrote this … and eventually voiced it (low quality on a computer mic without a pop filter… so I added a flange effect to cover the audio ouches) as an audition for a job.. it required the voicing of bits of literature etc… anyway I wont explain what I meant by it because it could mean something completely different to you… which gives it the chance of being personal to you.

Without Further ado:

Winter New

Winter New

I am the breath of winter new
I am the sniff I am the flu
Think not that I bring forth the wind
I am the end of those who sinned

I drain the energy drain the life
I am the cool I am the knife.
Throughout the cosmos and throughout space
Between the atoms I am what fills
I am the essence of what chills.

I am what ends I am what kills.

Mahmoud Taji (27th of August, 2008)
All rights reserved.


I’ll leave the comments option open with the hope that you guys don’t get too brutal. Enjoy!