What Taji Is Reading Online

Morning Folks,

A slew of posts today to make up for the 2 weeks of absence.

I thought it might interest you to know about the websites I visit and news that I stumble on everyday:

My routine usual involves going to the following sites:

  1. BBC news
  2. Engadget.com
  3. Gizmodo.com
  4. Questionablecontent.net
  5. Sinfest.net
  6. Cad-Comic.com

Since I also use Firefox as my main browser I use the Stumble On plugin quite extensively.

Here are some of the websites I visited today (if you are at all interested)

  1. Reporters Talking About Media Coverups
  2. Israeli Military Evict Palestinian Families From their Homes in Jerusalem
  3. Radio Shack rebranding to “The Shack”?
  4. XKCD comic
  5. Visual History of Coca Cola Advertising