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For this post i’m going to take the easy way out… I’m just going to post links to places that you can visit to get great deals on your webhosting…

many of these companies will also register the domain for free (in effect they add the cost as a hidden fee) you have to make sure that you search for reviews of these hosting companies as the best person to judge these companies services are other end users like yourselves:




Here are further tips to choosing a hosting company courtesy of hosterio.com

“Tips on selecting a right hosting company

If you are looking for a new web hosting company then you must be getting a lot of offers from various hosting companies. Its quite difficult to decide a suitable web hosting company.

Keep in mind the following things while choosing a web hosting company:

1 – Server Paltform – You want to host on linux or windoes server ? If you want to use Asp and Mssql than you should go for Windows server. If you want to use Php and Mysql than linux is a right choice for you.
Linux hosting is the most popular hosting available today. More than 70% of sites are hosted on linux servers as they have lots of features and their prices are also very cheap as compared to windows hosting.
2 – Bandwidth – In simple words for a web hosting user it means the amount of data transfer that can be done in his hosting account. Example the data transfer that is done while someone surfs your website or you download email etc is counted in your bandwidth. All hosting accounts are limited by bandwidth. Stay away from hosts that offers you unlimited bandwidth, nothing comes unlimited in this world  so is bandwidth. Its all just marketing gimmicks to attract new customers and you may have to weep at the later stage when your host tells you their hidden terms and conditions related to unlimited bandwidth.
3 – Network Uptime –  Make sure you get atleast 99% uptime guarantee with your hosting provider. However the recommended uptime is 99.9%. No host can provide you 100% uptime as every hosting company has to restart the server at various situations after installing new sofwtares and updates. So if someone says 100% than it means they never update their scripts, server, technology etc and this may invite hackers on the server who always look for old softwares with known bugs.
4 – Web Space – If you site is of 5 Mb than you need atleast 20 Mb space as you will need some space for your emails too. So make sure that you have atleast 20 mb space in your account. If you are someone who want to host forums, ticket systems, blogs etc than you need atleast 50 mb space. If you have free space than you always can try installing/experimenting new scripts and tools on your website.
5 – Ftp Access –  Make sure you new web host provides you 24/7 ftp acsess. You should be able to upload your files 24/7 using any ftp software like cuteftp, wsftp etc.
6 – Cgi Bin access –  You should have access to your own private cgi-bin directory as most hosts doesn’t provide you that.
If you use guestbooks, mailing list manager scripts etc than it might be essential for you to have cgi enabled on your server as most of those types of scripts are developed in cgi. So confirm your host about the same and then only order the hosting from them.
7 – Other features –  you may ask for other features as per your needs like number of pop mail accounts, databases, subdomains, email forwarders, site statistics software, webmail etc

Just keep the above points in mind while choosing a web hosting company and we assure that you will never loose.”

ok enough I gotta go now… if you use a company other than those listed here please list them for the benefit of other artists like yourselves… We’d greatly appreciate the collective experience.

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