Stephanie from Answers my Allegations of Marketing Negligence

Well Folks, It took her a little time but Stephanie Ciccarelli co-founder of eventually got back to me on why seemed to be burying their Ebooks section. Effectively unmarkating their marketing books.

Here is my original post dated March 31st. link

Here is her answer and rebuttal for my publishing haste:

Hi Mahmoud,

Thank you for emailing me. I read your article earlier this morning. The eBooks used to be promoted through the Help section and in other places on the website. When the site was redesigned it was an admitted oversight to not include them in a more visible place. This will be resolved soon and I appreciate your concern.

In the future, could you please ask me these questions directly before publishing on your blog? Often the answers are simple and can be provided to you promptly for inclusion.

Thank you,


Stephanie Ciccarelli

Many thanks to Stephanie… I also extended her an invitation to join our community here… We’ll see what happens!

thanks for stopping by folks.