Why Is Voices.com Not Marketing their Marketing Ebooks?

Morning All, (I’m writing this up morning cairo time… which is probably when you guys are about to go to sleep) anyway hopefully when you guys log on to voiceover-casting.com you stop by my blog and check out what Taji is up to.

As you might have noticed I am a bit of a trouble maker… not so much that I break things or commit crimes… but rather I ask embaressing questions to people in our industry. Sometimes they ignore me… and sometimes I bug them enough to answer. But for now let me tell you the backstory of today’s post:

A while back I was browsing the voiceover-casting.com site and came across a member’s comment that peaked my interest. The site member was Ms. Robin Rowan and I dont know if it was on her blog or on her Voices.com page but I noticed that she mentioned that she once bought the “The Internet Marketing Plan For Voice Actors” from Voices.com for $50 and it was so effective and influential that it changed her outlook on her business …. or something like that… I forget.. but what did stick was the fact that voices.com have produced ebooks.


When was this? and why are they not promoting those books? Why can’t I access your ebook store from the website… I had to look for those ebooks by name (took me a few guesses before google gave me the right pages).

Which brings me to the question for this post. WHY… oh Why! is Voices.com not marketing their Marketing Ebooks?

here is a link to another book of theirs:

The Definitive Guide to Voice Over Success

Are they outdated? if so then why do you have them still posted on your brand spanking new website (post upgrade) How did Robin learn about it (cute logo by the way… you guys should all check out robin’s avatar… makes for a memorable and simple iconic representation that is easy to remember) Why is Voices.com make ebooks and not promoting them on their own site?

I am baffled by this… why dont they have their own merchandising store? why dont they sell their books on amazon.com why is it that I can find articles about their books through google:


the book is apprently a best seller but was written back in 2007. Is that why its buried in their website.

It just seems Ironic that for people promoting the marketing of Voice Over talent … that they wouldnt use their own site to promote their books… Then again it could be that they do and my firefox adblock plugin is blocking their banners… Adblock is wicked effective that way.

Anyway thats it for today. I know this post might be taken as a plug for their ebooks… its not… its a smack upside the head for some shoddy marketing… at least seemingly shoddy… maybe I stumbled on something that they discontinued but never bothered to take off their site… I could be wrong.



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