Site Launch – Voiceover Buy & Sell – Free Listings For a week

Goodmorning Folks,

It’s a nice day here in Sunny Cairo. A little less hot than usual.

I would like to first announce the launch of a new project I’ve been working on for some time now called Voiceover Buy & Sell.

The site is a classifieds buy & sell site dedicated to the voiceover community. The premise is pretty simple. If you have a piece of equipment that you are not using and would like to sell then you can list it on the site. If you are a voiceover coach and you would like to advertise your workshops. Then you can list them on the site.

Alternately if you would like to purchase a piece of equipment and you don’t mind if it’s used. Then head on over to the site and take a look through.

How It Works

Quite simply if you would like to list a classifieds advert on the site you will first need to register.

Registration is free.


For the next week I am allowing 2 free listings per registered user. Just register on the site. Choose a package (there is a free 1 week advert and a free 1 month advert) and write up your advert copy. If you have pictures of the product you wish to sell then post it.

I monitor all the adverts so if someone is trying to post more than one advert… the first two will get accepted … the others will get trashed.

Also I retain the right to remove any adverts I find offensive, inappropriate or just don’t like. That’s how I roll. If its for free there still has to be some rules.

What are you waiting for?

In a week’s time I’ll be implementing the payment packages. I’m going to price them competitively so a 1 week ad will go for just $6.

Think about that… you can sell your sennheiser shotgun mic for $6 if someone picks it up within the week. And I don’t get a cent more… this isnt ebay.

How does that sound?

There is an RSS feed on the site so that if you would like to subscribe to it you can do so and any new equipment that gets listed will then appear on your rss feed.

That might just give you the edge on a sweet piece of equipment you have always wanted!

Any questions?

Oh yeah and this offer ends on the 22nd of August so ACT NOW!