Voice123.com Wants To Turn My Account In-Active!

Actually that was a bit sensationalist of me. I just got an email from them telling me if I dont log onto my account on their system that I would be marked as inactive because I havent visited my page in 30 days… Actualy I havent visited my page in like 3 months but hey! who’s counting. Geez how much more active can I be though! I post almost twice a day on my blog. Granted I am a free subscriber to their service and dont pay anything… but so far since I joined… I have received 1 …. that’s right folks … 1 request for submitting a quote. That’s why I don’t visit… I don’t know how many people visit the voice123.com profile site of mine (that’s a paid service) so I cant judge if paying to join them is worth the money / effort.

With a free account on voices.com I was able to enjoy far more freebies and incentives to join them which when the time came for me to make a decision on where to put my money… made it kind of a no brainer… I said kind of because the voice123.com site seemed tighter and more professional but with that comes the colder and more corporate feel that voices.com doesnt have which warms you toward them. Then again they do have some nice information hidden in their resource center section… like this rates page link Hidden isnt good …

Yes I noticed that Steven Lowell the Public Relations Manager for Voice123.com joined our ranks… and let me tell you Steven…. I HATE THAT WELCOME MESSAGE ON YOUR COMPANY’S SITE! ugh … was nice the first time I checked the site out.. not so nice the rest of the times… consider removing it or making it optional.

So yeah back to that email… here is what they sent:

Hello Mahmoud,

We detected that you haven’t used Voice123 for more than 30 days now. You can let us know if you are still an active member of the Voice123 marketplace by signing-in here:


If you don’t sign in, we will mark your talent-voice producer profile as inactive. All visitors viewing your profile will see that you are an inactive user of the marketplace and, as such, may not reply to their messages and requests. You will not continue receiving invitations to submit audition/proposals during inactive status.

If you have had any difficulty signing in, please let us know. We can assist you. This is being done to give you the protection to let prospective clients know you are not able to reply to them. Any questions, please contact us here: http://voice123.com/doc/help.html


The Voice123 Team

Why is it that I never got a similar email from voices.com when I was freeloading on their server? Do they have bigger servers then you guys? more capacity? Don’t get me wrong I don’t particularly like voices.com either (even if I did pay them to be a member) But overall I think they kind of understand what the VO talent wants and what makes him/her comfortable more  than you guys. You have potential…its just that right now voice123.com is far from achieving it.

Hey At least I am not one of the veterans who wish you guys never existed!


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