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Hey Folks,

Welcome back to the emporium. Please excuse the lack of posts but I’ve been working on some amazing new posts that should blow you away once they’re done. Today is more of an editorial and will contain a few bits about the voice industry.

I’ll start things off with Bodalgo’s attempt to promote itself. I got this email yesterday from Armin Hierstetter the guy who developed and runs Bodalgo.com. If you guys aren’t familiar with them they are a voice casting website that is based in Germany. Armin is from Bavaria (as far as I can tell) which is what the B in BMW is derived from (Bavarian Motor Works… or something). Here is the email I got:


bodalgo.com - Der Marktplatz für Sprecher

Hallo Mahmoud,

since we started in January 2008, more than 1,200 voice over professionals speaking 30+ languages have joined bodalgo. And by now, close to 900 auditions have been placed by voice seekers.

We’d like to say Thank You! for this great acceptance crossover markets and locations world wide.

In case you know others in the market that might find bodalgo a useful tool – why not recommend us to them? You can use the form in section Start of bodalgo. Each recommendation gets noticed and counts for the big draw on May, 1st (0.00 CET), where you can win an Apple MacBook or one of ten iPod Shuffle.

Good luck and have a great week!

Liebe Grüße/Best regards
Armin Hierstetter
Team bodalgo.


Incidentally this is a competition not a raffle…

I am currently in the middle of testing Bodalgo.com for a future review that I will post for you guys on the Emporium. I’ve actually worked with Armin for about a month or so to help improve his site (while I review it) and so far he’s been receptive to some of my ideas. I will not write my assessment of the site just yet but will recommend that if you like Voice Casting Sites then go ahead and visit Bodalgo.com and register for free… and if you like what you see become a paying member.

Next up… I got an email from another casting agency yesterday from a member of Voiceover-casting.com Called Coxi B. she tracked me down on voices.com and sent me this:


Hi Mahmoud, my name is Conxi barba and I am Manager-Director of www.voz-media.com.
Seeking voice over talents of all nationalities. If you are interested, register for free in my site.

Thank you very much!!!


The site is in spanish so if your linguistically challenged like myself Conxi has added english subtitles for your reading pleasure.

Next up… I want to do 2 things. I want to go and register a group on voiceover-casting.com so that members can hook up on Linkedin, twitter and any other social networking site you wanna add… let me go do that now… ok done! if you check the groups section you will find a new group called social networking… Right now it has just me as a member… come on in… Everyone is Welcome. Now if you are on twitter and you have Michelle Summers added you’d know that she was at the Doctor’s yesterday cause she was ill. Get well soon Michelle!

And the second thing I want to do is talk about what I said 2 posts ago. I want the administration on this site and the members to start doing something about creating their own product. Brian and Fernando I think it might be a good idea to create a section in the site where talent can have Product Stands like the ones you might find in a sunday market or at a fair. Like a Virtual Stall if you will where members of the site can showcase some of their Self produced products to the masses… where they can promote their side projects and sell them… We dont have to have a sophisticated credit card accepting merchant account thing.

Just something like… I know … lets call it the Voice Bazaar where voice over artists can pay voiceover-casting.com for some space to upload their Audio Books or Audio Sonnets or whatever so people can come and browse and maybe buy… Lets have our own indie Audible.com at the site.

or maybe you want to register that name as a domain and have that be the showcase site for the independent projects of the voiceover-casting.com site members. PLEASE think about it… dont ignore my words… I am giving you people advice that I charge others for …. for FREE.

I have spoken… it is up to you to act.


  1. Dear Mahmoud,

    thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding bodalgo’s contest. We are happy to tell that both voice talents and voice seekers respond well to this, so we might do it again once in a while.

    Also, I would like to thank you for your continious feedback regarding bodalgo (BTW: I got the logos back and they look afwul – I will do it myself now). You have great ideas and a very inspiring insight in ui issues.


    Team bodalgo.com

  2. Hi Taji. I just love the Voice Bazaar idea. I will think about that.

    Now a good idea for bloggers are put Adsense ads in your pages. I know, any site need a lot of traffic to make some money, but a coffee money are welcome.

    The users need links to get out, why not make some cents?

    If you use the Google AdManager, a guy like you can sell space in your blog, manage your ads, client ads, other networks and adsense too.

    Anyway, make paid reviews can be a very easy solution.

    Let’s work my friend.

    Good job!
    Fernando M. Areias

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