Voice 2010 pictures that grabbed my attention

The following are a few pictures of friends or acquaintances of mine (and a few celebs) that attended Voice 2010. These were uploaded by Dave Courvoisier and can be found on his site http://www.socialmediavo.com/

Dave Courvoisier (right) and Doug de Nance (left)… you might remember Doug wrote an interesting bio article called My Secret’s Out for TVE a while back.

Andy Boyns and Dave Courvo shmooz at Voice 2010. You might remember Andy from the article I wrote about him a while back… as you can see he was able to raise enough money and attend the conference.

Philip Banks (left) and Bob Souer also attended Voice 2010. Mr. Banks in his homeland’s garb and Mr. Souer in an italian suit of some sort. You might recognize Mr. Souer from the feature I posted on him while he was building a new home studio for himself in his new house. Mr. Banks is best know for a his gravelly deep voice, being from PortGordon and for coining the term Voiceoverist which I used in the title of my ebook.

Pinky(Rob Paulsen)

& The Brain (Maurice LaMarche) (nuff said!)