Peter O'Connell's VO Business Card Gallery

Here is an interesting post from Peter O’Connell’s blog voxmarketising… I thought you guys would find it interesting:

voice talents – show us your business cards

OK gang, fun idea time!

As this blog is about voice over (vox), marketing (market) and advertising (tising) I thought we should have some summer fun here and combine all three into a voice talent business card gallery.

Simply email me a decent quality jpeg picture of your business card (front and back if you print on both sides) and we’ll show them here. Email peter (insert the at sign) audio’connell dot com and I’ll post all entries. Maybe we’ll have a card beauty contest and pick a winner….we’ll see first what kinda legs this idea has.

By the way, I’m not a pro at sizing these cards and images to fit the blog so some cards will be bigger and some will be smaller but size does not equal talent…at least in this effort.

Here’s mine to kick things off:

Peter K. O'Connell - audio'connell voice over talent (Card front)

Peter K. O’Connell – audio’connell voice over talent (Card front)

Peter K. O'Connell - audio'connell voice over talent (Card back)

Peter K. O’Connell – audio’connell voice over talent (Card back)

I actually don’t have a business card for my voice over services… mainly because I don’t like working for local Egyptian sound production houses… but I’m considering making one just to post up there.


  1. Thats ok… I’m not the one taking the submissions… Peter is… you’ll have to go to his site and submit the card there… personally I don’t have a card… who would I give it to? I don’t like dealing with sleazy advertising executives in cairo.. they creep me out.

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