Updating My Personal Website

Morning Folks,

It’s been a year since I launched my personal website (dedicated to my voiceover business) and my old site was kind of Zen… very sparse and with lots of empty space.

So I figured I’d treat myself to a nice new site with nice big graphics and a new interface.

The whole thing cost me $35 and I bought the theme at themeforest.net. My site is built using wordpress so it’s pretty easy to modify… its just finding a theme that suits your needs that takes the longest time.

Other than that, and  since I am a designer, the rest of the logo design and image editing was done by myself. My voiceover logo was  actually done by a professional Arabic Calligrapher and then digitized by myself.

Total cost … $35

not bad huh!

Check out the new and improved http://www.mahmoudtaji.com and tell me what you think.


Mahmoud Taji

Also.. here is something I found online that I think you guys could find interesting:

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  1. Mahmoud

    The look is very nice. I can see how much work went into it.

    With the giant graphic at the top of the page, on my laptop, (one year old dell) I have to scroll down to see the demos.

    I’m wondering if it would help you to position the demos higher “above the fold” to match other monitors and computers.

    If I am the only one who has this issue, then don’t change anything.

    I hope this helps.

    Best always,
    – Peter

    1. Hello Peter,

      Thanks for taking the time to visit the redesigned site.

      You’re absolutely right the huge graphic makes it so that you have to scroll down before you reach my demos. This was the case with the old site as well… In this site I actually moved the demo links from the bottom of page to it’s middle.

      What mattered to me was that you could see my name at the bottom (since I don’t have it on any of the graphics… I actually tried to put it on them but I felt it spoiled their beauty).

      Also I generally try not to hack the themes too much because these themes are constantly upgraded so I wanted a way for the theme to maintain its original look but with a distinctly Arabesque oriental feel.

      Always a pleasure to hear from you,


  2. I’ve done a lot of site-seeing lately, but this does not look like a 35 dollar site at all.

    Your virtual home combines style with simplicity and easy navigation. Well done (I’m already jealous)!

    One suggestion… Why don’t you ask a ghostwriter to do your bio, and have him or her include your marketing and advertising experience. Bringing that invaluable experience to the table would make you stand out even more. You could be a one-stop Kashbah…an unstoppable multi-lingual marketing machine!

    BTW I never knew you were involved in \Learning Danish as a Second Language\… I love Danish, especially with my morning cardamon-flavored coffee.

    1. Hello Paul,

      Thanks for taking a look at the site. Technically it was $35 plus several hours of customization from an Art Director with 15 years of Graphic design experience. So it’s worth allot more than just $35 but since I won’t charge myself for the writeup (copywriting) or the design ($60 /hr) or the hosting ($60 a year) and since I’m only updating the overall design… to me it only looked like $35.

      This would cost someone quite allot more. I’m actually pretty thankful to the voiceover-casting.com blogging experience because it introduced me to the wordpress platform which has made updating a whole site a breeze.

      As for providing a marketing/ consultancy service for people. I don’t think people are interested in having someone who doesn’t live in their locale decide their marketing moves. Anyway it keeps my VO work and Creative Design and Writing work separate… which isn’t such a bad thing.

      Yes one of my agents is located in Denmark … and they do work for their government so that came up last year… it was painless and educational I have to say.

    1. Thanks TJ,

      The Arabic Calligraphy spells out my name (I’ve had that design now for maybe 12 years and it was a gift from a calligrapher friend) as for the chrome affect. that’s from the Alien Skin 5 plugin series.


  3. Hey Taji!

    I absolutely love the site. You did an incredible job. There were a few typo issues…

    Under http://www.mahmoudtaji.com/voice/ Summary is spelled summery.

    Under http://www.mahmoudtaji.com/vo-restrictions/ there are various sentenced in parenthesis. Some have periods – some don’t – there are some spacing issues there as well that need fixed & some capitalization.

    Otherwise all looks good! Nicely done! If I catch anything else, I will let you know. All the best always.

    1. Hey Michelle,

      Long time no chit chat! Yeah I’ve been so engrossed with just the look of the site that I’ve overlooked a few things like copy editing. Thankfully I have friends like you who eat typos for breakfast! Otherwise I think my bad spelling is ingrained in me at a genetic level. I’m so bad at it!

      I’ll go make those corrections now… If you find anymore please drop me a line.

      Muchos Gracias,

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