Upcoming Surprise

Ok so it might seem like I’m procrastinating and skipping my blogging duties… but the fact of the matter is that I am working on a big project that should will posted on the blog soon.

The project is taking up a bit more time than expected … I actually wanted to have it ready by today and available for download but after getting the advice of some of my fellow bloggers I’ve decided to spend a little more time fixing it up and making it look pretty.

Also, yes I’m trying to be as ambiguous as possible so as to keep the project a surprise. Ultimately whether the project becomes a success or a failure I’ll be happy that something I worked on helped folks and made their lives a little easier.

For those going to Voice 2010 look for the advert I placed in the event booklet for The Voiceover Pavilion and tell me how it came out. I won’t be attending the event unfortunately because I hate transcontinental travel as well as American airports (due to my ethnicity and the high possibility that some Random passenger search will target me).

My thanks go out to Peter O’Connell, Paul Strikwerda, Andy Boyns, Dave Courvo and Steven Lowell for taking the time review my project.

That is all for now… Taji