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This is old news…. I mean really old news.

more than 2 years ago my fellow Canuck Jodi Krangle Wrote a note in a forum:

This announcement came through today on and I’m curious what the rest of you think of it:

Platinum Membership to be Exclusive to 100 Voice Actors at

Now there’s no WAY I could afford that kind of a fee (which was probably their point. I don’t think MOST voice over folks would choose to pay this kind of money unless they had it lying around because they already MADE that kind of money regularly … and didn’t plan to use it to go to Voice 2008. ) – nor do I think their 10 *brand new* websites have much to offer at the moment, considering Google can sometimes take a year or so to even include websites in their index that are new and I’m not sure what their method of promoting those sites is going to be … but I’m prepared to reserve judgment until I hear more from folks on what they feel the *advantages* of such a membership would be.

It would certainly be nice to be in the ranks of that 100 – just for having less folks to compete with … but if the only reason you’re IN that august company is because you *paid* for it … what true value does it have?

(I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but I’m truly curious about what you guys think…)

This Platinum membership would set you back $1,995

Let me write that in bold letters and increase the font size for improved visual impact


Wow … I feel so cheap now having made such a big fuss out of canceling my $199 Preferred membership. But hey I don’t make so much doing voice overs that I can justify paying $1,995 annually to be a platinum member. This might also not be too surprising to my friend Bettye Zoller who once mentioned that one of her friends pays $5,500 in self promotion annually.

Of course Bettye’s friend is said to make as much as an average income plastic surgeon (which is allot) so he can afford to pay 1 or 2% of his income in self promotion.

I thought… I better research the matter further and find out where advertises this 100 person exclusive platinum membership… here’s the link

I don’t know if I really have to say much regarding this matter… But I am curious… are any of my readers platinum members? and if so … how is it?

is it all plush carpets and silk ottomans?

And regarding the title of this post… what do you think the 2 words I was thinking of when I wrote this article actually are?


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  1. Hi Taji. You know, I don’t think I ever got much response to my question. đŸ™‚ I’d be curious to hear what people think about it now, two years later.

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