TVE’s Youtube Special: Tut Vids Galore

Good Day to all ye gentlefolk!

Today I shall showcase a massive collection of voice over related videos from around the intertubes. I will kick off the collection with a seminar by Kristine Oller called “Ditching Your Day Job”. I will feature some of the videos as embedded vids and others as just links so as not make this post a scroll-down fest.

Since many of these videos are tutorials on voiceover networking or vo equipment… I will move the listing of these to the TVE free tutorials page later this week.

So Here we go:

Kristine Oller called “Ditching Your Day Job”

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

The Rest of the parts:

Kristine has a book out called Feeding Your Focus click the link to learn more.

Nancy Wolfson Teaches voice acting for Advertising.

(you can see a cameo by Bob Souer in the back with eldest son!)

(thanks to Dan O’Day for posting this vid)

Blair Hardman: Everything You Need to do Voiceovers, and One Thing You Don’t

Voice-Over Home Studio | Recording Voice-Overs at Home

(from our friends at

Voice Over Training and Technique with Dan Levine

Soundproofing a voice over home studio on the cheap

I hope you enjoyed this collection of video tutorials… if you know some good video vo tutorials… leave the links in the comments sections.

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