Ladies and Gentlemen Hold On To Your Seats, We’ll Be Experiencing Some Turbulence

Ladies and Gentlemen … this is your co-passenger Taji speaking. Please bare with us as the site is going through upgrades and you WILL be experiencing some turbulence. Last night for a few hours we had a “User Has Exceeded his Bandwidth Quota” sign on the front page and the hosting company didnt seem to be very happy with us… but ultimatly that’s good news from Fernando / Brian and the rest of the Voiceover-casting team cause that means their feldgling site (which I originally found out about through a Spam mail Brian was sending…. you didn’t think I’d let you off the hook for that didja B?) is getting hits and becoming more and more popular with the VO Community.

And hey since I’m in such a good mood I’ll post that Spam email Brian originally sent me (and probably a whole bunch of others on the site) to give us the heads up of the existence of the site… and which caused the ire and anger of my voice over site of choice at the time…. and I’ll post their email as well … Hey I’m here to air out the laundry and present the facts… past , present .. and inshallah (God Willing) Future.

As a refresher … here is Brian’s First email:


Hi  !

Now the voiceover marketplace has a new free social network community. I’m inviting you because you sound like a great voiceover professional. (really brian?)

Join and create your free profile now.

Make friends, stay connected with other voiceover professionals, producers, clients; and apply for voiceover jobs for free.

We are waiting for your registration. If you are already a member, update your profile and post new demos.

Brian Hudson


Notice the lack of a name! not Hi Mahmoud!… just Hi!!… man at least your attempt at spam wasnt very professional… shows a decent guy at heart!

here was’s reply back then (March 4th 2009):

Vox Daily

Link to Vox Daily

Looking Out For #1: You’ve Got a Friend

Posted: 03 Mar 2009 09:48 PM CST

No spam signWhat do you do when spam becomes a problem?

This passed week, we have experienced an unprecedented amount of spam and we’d now like to address this publicly for the sake of our members.

To learn more, read on.


Over the last week, members have shared their concerns with us about being solicited through the website’s internal messaging system by a company inviting them to join a social network for voice talent.

After a couple of days, the emails stopped which was a welcome relief, giving us the impression that it was over, however, it appears they are back at it.

To be absolutely clear, this company is in no way affiliated with and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please be assured that these spammers do not have access to your account information or contact information unless you have provided them with it yourself. Since they are using the internal messaging system at, they cannot view your email address.

What We’ve Done To Date

๏ Emailed the offending spammers requesting them to stop
๏ Suspended their accounts
๏ Deleted offending accounts and banned email addresses
๏ Telephoned their offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil to no avail
๏ Been answering concerns on a one-on-one basis by email, phone and live chat

Within hours of the first registration and spamming activity, I sent a personal email requesting that they stop and informed them that their account was suspended until they could provide evidence that they were not trying to mine our customer base. This email went unanswered.

David also emailed and phoned. Both of his attempts to communicate went unanswered.

In response to our efforts to deter these people, they’ve continued to create more accounts with different email addresses and usernames to bypass the system. We’ve tried nearly everything save showing up at their office is Sao Paulo, Brazil and speaking with them in person.

What Can You Do?

Our advice to you is to ignore any messages you may receive that invite you to join the social network.

If you have joined this site under the impression that it was being operated by, I recommend that you delete your account at that social networking site as we are in no way affiliated with that organization. I have already heard from some members who have done just that and removed their profiles from the voice talent social networking site.

Thank You For Your Support

I wish to thank all of you who have emailed or called with your concerns. Your kind words and patience during this ordeal have been greatly appreciated. We care about our members and take these things very seriously. I trust that our efforts will bear fruit, and God willing, these activities will cease.

Best wishes,


© Popova


Like I said although as a Site we started with some dubious ways of promotion… so far its grown into a wonderful community of people brought together by their love of this business (and Brian’s spam emails!)

Also funny story…. I got the warning about the Spammer (aka Brian) before I got his email… so I was actually looking forward to it cause Stephanie peaked my interest! Either this is some elaborate marketing scheme of genius proportions between stephanie and brian…. or a nice coincidence that worked out well for Fernando… Brian and the team at

Ok thats enough investigative journalism for me today… I hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. Well that’s how I got the word to join too. I never thought it was affliated with though. Mine came from Fernando!

    Sneaky and cheeky! LOL, but this is a great place to be!

  2. I never sent any invites…
    My phone seems to work just fine and 5 people waiting to answer it all hours of the day.
    I do see that Voice123 and VOPlanet have joined our site and enjoy it, along with the free job posting…
    I have yet to see Voices join our community…
    As a matter of fact nothing would please me more then to see the Voices team that seem to think we are the bastard Voiceover community join us as well. I truly think they are in for a surprise.
    Let me send a personal invite out to the community and staff, check us out you can browse through without any fear of being spam attacked. This is a clean site, and, I will keep it that way.

    There is no affiliation with any other company and except – –

    Well my two cents worth is don’t be afraid of what you know not!

    Brian – Admin
    you may contact me at –
    or, call me on my so called none working phone at – US – 1 (800) 851-5224 – UK – 44 (20) 8180-8267 – Brasil – (11) 5589-9272
    Just say hi or tell me what you think, I will listen to everyone.

    Great article Taji thank you.
    Thanks to you too Stephanie wherever you are…

  3. Actually Stephanie makes it seem like you guys are a badass bunch of international hackers and spies.

    “In response to our efforts to deter these people, they’ve continued to create more accounts with different email addresses and usernames to bypass the system. We’ve tried nearly everything save showing up at their office is Sao Paulo, Brazil and speaking with them in person.”

    hhmm.. Bastard VoiceOver Community… heheh I much prefer Pirates! Swashbuckling VO pirates!


  4. The same e-mail came into my inbox as, but it was from Fernando Pax (I never did find out who that was?!)
    Actually, I almost DIDN’T answer it, mostly because I am cautious. But something told me to register on this site, and I’m really glad I did because it has opened up an entire community of people I would have ordinarily never met.
    Years ago, people drove into the Big Bad City, waited in a room with 50 other people who would try to distract you from focusing on the audition, and pretty much spend the entire day trying to get one project.
    Today, we can record auditions at midnight from our home offices and, thanks to this site, we can bounce ideas off each other about studio equipment, auditions, workshops, frustrations – and have some laughs along the way.
    Now, Fernando Pax (whoever you are), do we really have to fly down to Brazil to straighten you out?! LOL!!!

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