Transformers Movie Voice Over Featurette

I have to say my curiosity is always peaked when I watch movies with lots of Voice Over work in them. I full time feature films not animation movies where all the actors are in fact voice over talent.

One of my all time favorite is Look Who’s Talking where bruce willis the voice of the baby boy. Then of course there are movies like What Women Want where a big part of the actual storyline contained aspects of voice over… Mel Gibson stealing an idea from Helent Hunt here… Seducing Marisa Tomai here saving that other poor girl’s life somewhere else… The voice over aspect is always there.

So I always find it gratifying when I can find behind the scenes footage of work that is done for a movie that is hugely based on voice over work.

One of my favorite cartoons growing up in the 80s was of course Transformers… I am a healthy male and the idea of a cassette player morphing into a robot has to appeal to that Y chromosom of mine… The one that tells me to drive fast and act like an ass infront of pretty women when I was a teen.  AAaanyway so that will give you and idea of how happy I was at the prospect of a Transformers movie being made. How will they make the CGI look good? How will the action be? What kind of popcorn should I get once I get to the theater!!? So many questions!

So Anyway I don’t want to get carried away and write more than I planned ( I am feeling a little lazy today which could be because of the 4.5 hour recording session I had yesterday) so without further ado here is the youtube video of the voices behind the Transformer’s movie

I have to say I’m a big Peter Cullen (the voice of Optimus Prime) and the fact that they got him to do Optimus again ranked high in my books. Also getting hugo weaving (agent smith to all you matrix fans) was a nice twist…. (kind of amazing that guy’s range with the lord of the rings work and then the matrix work and then transformers)

If you have a favorite movie that contains lots of voice over work (also like Johnny Darko) drop us a comment and tell the rest of us about it! We are here… we … are waiting


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