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Good morning folks,

Today’s post is a collection of basic tutorials and updates on what’s been happening at TVE (that’s Taji’s Voice Emporium).

Voiceover Professionals Directory

If you’ve been following my recent posts. You know that I’ve been working on a new voiceover website. It’s an insanely cheap directory for Voiceover Professionals that is basically a kind of Yellow pages for the voiceover community.

Now I’m still tweaking the site so it’s still technically offline. But here are a few features :

1. You can upload your glamor shot or logo if you have the premium and prestige accounts.

2. You can have a demo or two of yours available in the listing. I will not be storing the demos on my server so technically the demos will be streamed from your site but played through a multimedia interface at the directory.

3. You can submit yourself for multiple categories but you’ll have to pay for each resubmission.

4. I will start marketing the site to Advertising and casting companies worldwide as a resource for them to come and browse around for the voices they need once we have enough subscribers.

5. There will be 3 tiers of membership Basic, Premium & Prestige. Now when I mentioned that it’s crazy cheap … I really wasn’t kidding. The basic is currently at $3.5 annually the Premium is at $25 and the Prestige is at 50$ annually. Now consider that this is a full listing as well as a playable audio link and you’ll figure its a pretty good deal.

And as a peek preview for my loyal readers… here’s part of the new site’s logo

Going  Gravatar

First up I’d like to explain how to use the comment system on TVE. We’re getting allot of people leaving comments but not allot of people know how to get their pictures or logos to show up whenever they leave a comment.

I’m going to make your life pretty simple now. For starters I am using something called the gravatar system which basically keeps a copy of your logo or picture in their database and whenever it sees your email and website in a blog context (meaning if someone has the gravatar system implemented on their blog then you don’t need to re-register… your image is already in their database).

Think of it as a universal blog ID. So all you have to do now is head on over to and register… it’s free and you only ever need to update it if you want to change your logo or the image that appears next to your comment.

Where Credit Is Due

I’d like to thank Ms. Kim Somers & Ms. Cathrine Marshall (from Such A Voice) for being kind enough to step in for me while I was working on the Directory website. It might still take a few weeks for the site to get ready to reveal but I’ll try to both update you on the progress of my project as well as provide you with the usual edutainment.


It might not be such a big deal for many folks but in a week or so Taji’s Voice Emporium will be reaching its Bicentennial blog post (that’s 200 posts). The Blog is now 1 year old and thanks to all you great readers I’ve had a blast doing it.

To many more hundreds of posts!

Regardations et al,



    1. Hello Bettye,

      Always great to read your comments. The new directory is something that I hope will help people get more work and more online recognition. I know tons of casting agencies who, for lack of having their own comprehensive voice database, go around the other p2p sites and do basic searches for talent. This way I give those casting agencies that same functionality without costing the voice talent an arm and a leg.

      There might be other directories out there that do something similar… but I am hoping to put a serious investment in promoting mine and making as many casting agencies and advertising firms aware of it’s existence.

      Best of luck in your upcoming Workshops in Dallas. I believe I have them listed in the calendar section on TVE.

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