The Passing

After a long fight with cancer. My Paternal Aunt. My father’s baby sister. Mother of my Cousin passed away today June 27th at 3:27 pm.

Many thanks for those who contacted me… your kind words were and are water that smother the flames of sadness in my soul.

I accept my Aunt’s death as Allah’s will and hope that he rewards her for the suffering and pain she experienced before her passing.

May she be of the people of Paradise as I wish to be one myself.

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون


  1. MY sincere condolences to you. Long ago, one of my beloved Aunts said to me, “God (Allah) made this world so beautiful that we all hate to leave it, but we need to say thanks for its beauty.” Isn’t that good to know? Even though this world is lovely, we must trust in the knowing that our life is mortal and better things lie ahead. The important thing is to do our best in this life for others.
    Bettye Zoller

  2. Thank You Bettye, your Aunt is absolutely correct. On another sad note My wife contacted me yesterday to tell me that My Maternal uncle’s wife had passed away 10 hours after my Aunt also from cancer. The family is reeling from the double shock. They had both suffered terribly from Cancer. Two more of my cousins have lost their mother.

  3. It is so much more difficult when you are dealing with a double loss. This reminds me so much of our family’s loss of two grandmothers within only 4 months of each other. No one had anticipated that.
    There is a married couple from my church with three children, one with chronic health problems. The father just lost his job, forcing his wife to get a second job way out on a military base in the desert, just to keep the family surviving financially. Without warning, the husband simply dropped dead. Can you imagine that? She has no chance to grieve, supporting her children both financially and emotionally, the best way she knows how.
    I do believe it is your strong faith that you carry you through.
    Even though there is no blood between us, I hope that you consider us your “family” in the sense that we support you in your time of need. As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish the very best for you and your family.

  4. There doesn’t have to be blood between people to empathize with their suffering. The loss of my aunt, although difficult, is softened in the fact that she lived beyond her sixties and was able to see her daughter grow, flourish as well as get married and be happy. My uncle’s wife passed away in her mid fourties. I shouldn’t say untimely because whatever Allah has chosen for her is what was written for her. So it was her time and that was her allotment of life span. The fact that they died within 12 hours of each other is the somewhat staggering thing… so now we have a loss both on my father’s side … and on my mother’s side of the family.

    Thank you for sharing with us your stories of loss. My condolences for the loss of your grandmothers (it might have happened yesterday or a year ago… still a double loss is devastating) and thank you for consoling me with your words.

  5. Taji, dear friend… In this time, I ask you to remember & seek joy in this… ‘Allah ordained that the ultimate resting place of believers will be paradise, no less.’ Your loved ones are happy & at peace. I send you all the blessings & good thoughts in my heart & from within my soul – that they might shield you from the pain of your loss & that you might for a moment feel joy & peace.

    عليكم السلام

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