The Boxxy Phenomenon, Keeping Up With The Internet

This post is not voice over related. It’s about the Boxxy Phenomenon that happened across the internet around February of this year and something interesting that resulted from it:

The Stumble

So one day in Jordan while I was on vacation I sat in the room my parents in law gave us to stay in for the summer. I had my iPhone with me and was feeling kind of bored with the games I had downloaded so I decided to visit the youtube application.

As you know I don’t like my iPhone very much… I mean it comes in handy… but ultimately I feel that Apple Computers dumbed it down and are doing their darnedest to cripple its potential.  But that is neither here or there… so back to the post

So I stumbled on a Vlog (video blog) for a guy called Phillip DeFranco… or something like that… apparently this guy has built a name for himself as a news monger and current events commentator… He’s pretty funny but the price of his humor is the occasional profanity. For a 23 year old guy he’s pretty good at what he does and ultimately this post is not about him.

During one of his vlogs he featured a video clip of a song… at least at the time I thought it was a song. He identifies it as a song by Boxxy. So I looked up the name of the song on Youtube and here begins the reason for writing this post.

Fame for a Reason… Who Needs A Reason for Fame

While on vacation I ended up re-watching part of the movie EDTV for Matthew McConaughey. If you haven’t seen the movie … it came out about the same time that the Truman Show did and was kinda sorta a spoof on the whole idea of reality tv that had become a craze / american past time back in the late 90s early 2000s.

so anyway in that movie one of the characters comments on how the world has changed in that people are interested in other people and catapult them to the status of celebrity merely for the fact that they are famous. They don’t have to be famous for anything in particular.

In the past people used to get famous for doing something extraordinary, for going beyond the confines of normalcy and achieving something. Now the fame is in itself the Achievement. Which would explain people like Paris Hilton and as you will see now…. Boxxy.

The Boxxy Phenomenon

Boxxy is a teenage girl that posted some videos on the internet… her videos were so strange… so nonsensical that people were mesmerized by them. I can’t say that I would have watched them if it wasn’t for the fact that people were making such a big deal out of them online that I made myself watch them and then sat there going… why did I do that? I feel like I wasted 3 minutes of my life for nothing.

Which begs the question.. why the hell am I writing a whole post about this incident… oh yeah now I remember… it has something to do with creativity… well back to our story.

So here is the Boxxy youtube video that went Viral (that means it spread across the internet like a virus) this video was watched by 4.5 million people…

If you watch the whole video it will give you pointers to how creative the next piece is.

The creativity is actually not by Boxxy herself but by someone going by the nickname deepfatfryed who decided to cut up her video and remix it to a song by a band called Ratatat called Loud Pipes. Here is the remix video:

Even from the most banal and … lets be honest here… idiotic videos online it is inspiring that someone can take this teenager’s verbal diarrhea and make something interesting out of it.

I honestly have no clue how he matched the keys … either the words she said were coincidentally in perfect tune with each other or he messed around with the pitch of the Ratatat song so he can get a perfect mix.

Anyway… I don’t know who that boxxy girl is… nor do I care… this was just another taji stumble on an internet viral phenomenon that I thought you might enjoy.

Take it easy folks. If you have any comments… leave them



  1. She actually got famous from a website called 4chan and its /b/ board. Someone thought it would be funny to make a game out of her video, to see how long you could last. Well now everyone is all obsessed with her. She didn’t ask for the fame but you know what? I sure as hell think she deserves it. If you search around for the backstory and the drama surrounding it all, you will get attached too. The complete, non-satirical story is located at It is quite fascinating, and also quite sad. It just goes to show, you don’t mess with /b/.

    Much love and respect to Boxxy.

  2. Sorry for the double-post, but I also hate how this Philip person promoted his video with Boxxy’s face. You see her face on the video and want to watch it for the sake of hearing Boxxy, but instead he bores you to tears with his terribly uninteresting story about Joe the plumber. It hurts me that some creepy guy would use her face without permission to draw viewers to his video.

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