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In the past week there seems to have been quite allot of activity in the Scam Alert section.

Because the scam alert section is static and not an article I was starting to notice that allot of the comments were basically getting hidden. That meant that people not subscribed to the Scam Alert section would have no way of knowing if there was an update or if some new scammer has started to operate.

So to make life easier for myself and for you guys I have decided to create a forum within TVE. The new forum will be called Taji’s Voiceover Oasis and it will contain an area where voiceover artists can go and speak their mind without having to wait for me to come up with a topic of discussion.

The link to the forum has been added to the navigation menu on the right (after About) and you’ll notice I’ve added 2 different verification systems so as to avoid any spammers registering with the forum.

Currently it’s still in beta (it has a few bugs here in there) but it uses the Gravatar system so although you currently can’t upload a picture of your choice… if you register with your gravatar info your image will show up next to your avatar. Try not to register with your gmail accounts. I’ve noticed in the testing phase that the emails with the passwords were not received for some reason. So if you can try to avoid registering with them.

The most active and helpful people will be given moderator status… but I’ll decide that in a few months when it’s clear who the main contributors are.

If you have any Category suggestions for the forum you can send them to me at the email I listed in the sidebar or just go through the contact for in the contact page of the blog.




    1. You’re very welcome Isabella, Now the trick is to get other people to contribute their experiences so that others don’t go through the same thing.


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