Taji’s Guest Article At ‘Such A Voice’

Good morning peoples of the world,

I come to you today baring wishes of good health and prosperity as well as a news that I have written a guest article for my friends at Such A Voice about being an international voiceover artist and working in the international voiceover market.

The Article is called “The Young Man & the Sea: How to Survive in International Waters” I’d appreciate it if you guys took the time to click through and read the article and tell me what you think.

There was one more section that I wanted to add to the article. Namely about Time Zones and how one should be aware of them.. I recently wrote a post about that on The Emporium and very recently (yesterday in fact) I spoke to an agency I deal with in Singapore. We were discussing their listing on my new Voiceover Directory The Voiceover Pavilion I asked my agent there why he didn’t list his phone number in his profile and he said “My wife was getting sick of enthusiastic New Yorkers calling me at 3 am Singapore time for a quote.”

Coincidentally that is also why I don’t list my phone number online.

Anyhoo once again here is the link to the article. Enjoy!