Taji’s Free eBook – The Voiceoverist’s Guide

Goodmorning folks,

It’s a special day today because that project I told you I was working on just got finished.

And here it is… A free 80 page eBook authored by yours truly entitled:

The Modern Voiceoverist’s Guide to the Online Universe & Other Stories.

The book is completely interactive so that any URL in it is clickable and will take you to any website I refer to in the ebook. The table of contents is also designed so that if you click on any of the chapter titles it will take you to the appropriate chapter.

The eBook is in PDF format and is a compilation of many of the articles I have written for The Voiceover Emporium in the last 15 months. It takes voiceover artists (or voiceoverists) through a step by step system designed to help them setup a functional voiceover business.

Many of my old time readers will have read about 80 to 90 percent of the content of this book… which is why I added a few modifications to the articles as well as updated bits and pieces of it.

I will setup a special page on my blog for people to download the ebook… but for this week only I will put it on the front page for people to have easy access to.

Many thanks for everyone who helped me improve the first draft of this book and many thanks for those who will contact me with spelling corrections … I will update this book and refine it as much as I can… with the hopes of eventually one day publishing it on paper.

But for now enjoy the free download!

Right click on the link below and save document to save a copy of this eBook on your computer. Otherwise click the link below and it will open the pdf file in a separate browser window.

Click here to download


  1. Congratulations, Taji! This is great stuff! 🙂 Just as a little bit of added extra interest in regards to SEO (where I made my living for a large number of years), I have an article that talks about websites for artists. Originally, it was in regards to songwriters (an article off of my songwriting resource, The Muse’s Muse at http://www.musesmuse.com) – but it certainly does apply to anyone making a website that is in a creative field. And though it was originally written way back in 2003, much of it still applies today. I TOTALLY agree with you about flash, by the way (and Adobe … but that’s another matter. ;)). Anyway, thought the article might be of interest. It’s here: http://www.musesmuse.com/krangle-websitemistakes.html . Congrats again on a great release!

    All the best, — Jodi

    1. Hey Jodi!

      Thanks for taking the time to read the ebook. Thanks for the article I’d love to have you revamp it for vo work and publish it on the emporium…. think about it!


  2. Thank you so much, Mahmoud. I just read your ebook. Informative. Easy read. Great pointers. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

    1. You are very welcome Linda! Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and I hope you take a look around the emporium when you get a chance… there are several other articles here that were not included in the ebook because they weren’t relevant to the subject matter yet could still be helpful!


  3. Hi Taji!

    Congrats on the Ebook. Nicely designed, with lots of interesting tips for VOs, and I like the sense of humour! I agree totally about the Flash website point you made. Looks great, but not always practical! I’m a fell voice over author myself, so know a lot of effort goes into a book like this. Best of luck with it, I’ll send it to some of our VOs!


    1. Hello Priscilla!

      Greetings from Revolutionary Cairo to Beautiful Green Ireland!

      Thank you kindly for your thoughts on my ebook, as someone who started their professional career as a graphic designer it wasn’t too much of a stretch for me to compile the book and put it together. Although I didn’t do all of it. I had a friend of mine do the actually book layout (he is specialized in that field) while I only critiqued and drank diet pepsi while looking contemplative and silly.

      I am glad you found the book helpful… I’ve had a few more insights since publishing the book and was considering revising this one or writing a new one.

      Overall I’m glad that it could be of use to people in the field.


  4. Hey Taji… keep us posted if you update your book! I also have a little ebook on voiceovers, and find that I’m constantly updating it. Especially with the resources section… the ad agencies seem to pop up and go bust every 2nd day! Best of luck!

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