Taji Gets Some Goodies

Morning Folks,

Its been a while since I drop you guys a post. The advertising company I work for is pitching for a major account and I was recruited to manage the logistics and head the creative sessions. It would be a nice experience if it werent for the fact that you are stuck in a meeting room with the same people for 7 days (yes we worked weekends) so although I’m happy with the work we achieved… I did not cherish the experience.

On a more positive note. One of the items I bought online (back in june if you can believe it) just arrived. It is the StudioSpares (a uk audio equipment reseller) Red100

it cost me £110.69 which is around $176. So its have the price of the sE Reflexion filter.

Off the bat.. the thing is much bigger than I expected and I have to say I feel sorry for my friend who had to transport it all the way from England with him. The thing ways about 12 lbs. (5 kilos) and is not as solidly built as the sE Reflexion filter. But I was on a tight budget and was looking for something less bulky.

This is definitely less bulky and has a few perks. For one thing the screen is adjustable so you can widen it and tighten it according to your need.

In fact the unit comes with two mic holders so you can have to people with separate mics recording at the same time.

I didn’t take pictures cause I got it yesterday… Also I wanted to do an unboxing for your benefit but to transport it my friend had to leave the box back in the UK because it was so bulky.

Ah well. There are a 3 more items I’m waiting for (another friend coming from canada bought them for me) Although they aren’t as spectacular as the Red100 but still they will go a long way toward helping my online voiceover business.

I’ll give you more updates later… in the meantime here is a comparison between the Red100 and the sE reflexion filter (its biased me thinks but well worth the listen)