Taji Needs A Favor! From Residents of Brooklyn / Manhattan

Hello Folks, Its me again… Its the weekend here in Cairo and I am in the process of building (oh so slowly) my new website and I need a favor from any of the Good Members in Voiceover-casting.com who reside in the New York area.

If you reside in the New York districts of Brooklyn or Manhattan then you could seriously do me a big solid. I have a friend who is visiting New York in May and I was hoping he could pick me up a new Audio Technica AT2020 USB microphone. I hear they’re good and I want to diversify my sound a little.

Problem is that my friend works in a None Governmental Organization and when he offered to get me the microphone from NY he was under the impression that they wouldnt object to his using their office address to send my microphone to them through amazon (Amazon has it listen for a great price!)….. Well they said NO!

He’s not happy and I am not either… I need a kind soul to lend me their address so I can send my AT2020 to their home for my friend to pick it up when he travels to NY.

I know this is a big favor from someone you don’t know but I don’t have any connections in NY.  My friend Waleed will be working in Brooklyn and residing in Manhattan during his stay there. I can supply you with all his details … and you get to meet a great guy who’s organization is helping change the world (I think.. I’m kind of sketchy on what they do).

Aaaanyway… thats it for now… Hey if you want something from Egypt maybe I can send it to you with him!

Also if you can help you can send me a private msg on the site I dont want your details displayed for the world to see… in fact i’ll turn off comments for this points.

Many thanks and thanks for Visiting the Emporium