Swindler’s List

Morning Mi Amigos,

It’s been a few days since I launched the new-and-improved TVE (Taji’s Voice Emporium) and since then I have tried to promote some of the newer sections on the site.

What I think I have to do is introduce you guys directly to these new sections because there are lots of goodies on the site that very few people seem to have discovered:

TVE Easter Eggs

1. Free Tuts

You will notice, for example, that I have created a free VO tutorials section this section contains material produced by prominent (and generous) voice over actors and coaches that is available for free through them. I only linked back to them and collected them all in one page for the sake of convenience.

If you are a VO coach and have free VO tutorials and material you would like to add to the VO resource section then please leave a comment or send me a message with the details and I will update the page.

2. Workshop & Seminar Calendar

A couple of weeks after I added this feature to my beta site (the site I was testing the new blog design on before going live) I found out that Voiceoverxtra.com have their own events calendar. I like the idea of having an all in one resource so you can check his or you can check mine… I don’t care… you can find the Workshop & Seminar section here. I still haven’t added any significant number of workshops but it’s a work in progress so check in every once in a while and you’ll see the progress I’m making.

3. Scam Alert Section

This resource is pretty straight forward. If someone has ripped you off (I am not talking about someone who posts a job for a ridiculously low fee… if you take that job then that’s your fault) then I want to list them in this section. This needs to be a place where voice over artists can come and check on a client before taking a job so that they don’t get swindled. Hence the name of this article… It’s a list of people who have swindled fellow voice over artists. So far very few brave souls have ventured to send me the names of the companies who pulled a fast one on them which means that the list doesnt grow and people continue to get duped.

There is no shame in getting duped… evil people are everywhere and using the excuse of a bad economy to steal and plunder. So here is what I will offer you. Anonymity… send me the name of the company that wronged you… I will not divulge your name (but I will need to know it myself) and I will post your complaint sans your name…. deal?

This section will also contain a list of articles and resources that contain tips on how to avoid getting swindled. If you know of someone who has had this happen to them then please ask them to talk to me.


There has to be a way for us to help each other. The only way I know how to contribute is to invest my time and resources into helping other voice over artists. What part are you playing? do you sit on the sidelines? Do you quietly applaud as other voice over artists get duped and don’t get paid. What side of the fence do you stand on… because you can’t sit on the middle on this issue.

The majority of people in the VO business have been good, solid individuals and I hope to see more of that quality with participation and cooperation.

Please don’t disappoint me.


SXWK6TZ2KWST (this is a verification code for something… just ignore it)


  1. Nice additions! Some solid content for people, especially the VO tutorials. I’m not a pro by any stretch but I do VOs P/T in S. Korea and would like to get more work here, so always looking for ways to get better. Thanks for the awesome links!

    1. You are very welcome Carl and I’m glad you found the links helpful… I will continue to look for more tutorials that people can benefit from and post them on the tutorials page.


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