VoiceOver-Casting Going Offline Sunday For Overhaul

In case you missed the announcement VoiceOver-Casting.com will be down for maintenance And as the picture above suggests the website is apparently run by a jumbo jet engine… very high tech stuff!!!

Here’s Brian’s note on it:

” Website will be down, March 29 2009

This Sunday March 29, our Voiceover-casting.com website is getting a complete overhaul (upgrade). It will take nearly 6 hours maybe longer. we are adding a ton of new features. Bear with us, I give you my word we will be working as fast as our fingers can type. This will have all the bells and whistles you’ve all been looking for. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions. Thank you all for helping grow our community. Voiceover-casting.com – Admin, Brian Hudson Commercial@Produlz.com. ”

I hear ya buddy…. but i’ll back my posts up just in case!!

Also related to this issue (since voiceover-casting.com is run by produlz.com) here was Brian’s response to an inquiry I sent him about Produlz.com’s new site:

” Sunday we will be shutting down the whole system for the full update, which will include the stat counter, possibly even a live chat.

The Produlz website is up I have to finish some writing descriptions. The new website will include a direct live chat, it’s pretty cool check it out at one of our sites, Produlz.com/Produlz.co.uk/Produlz.com.br.

Your demo is going on the new website, we are adding a ton more features, the old site is Produlz.co.uk and the new one is Produlz.com. We started all these new sites at the same time with Voiceover-casting.com That’s why its been a little difficult for us.

I appreciate your consistency and patience.

Kind regards,
Brian ”

You heard it here first folks (if you havent already seen it everywhere else on the main site) … we’re getting some much needed upgrades…weeee… live chat

Enjoy the post…


  1. You are right, it’s a jumbo jet engine.

    About the updates:
    – Correction of bugs
    – Remove the youtube videos and flickr features
    – Embed youtube videos in the profile.
    – Update all blog themes to display ads in the free blogs.
    – New fetaures packagess to buy more space for your blog, stats and keep off the ads
    – New live chat for support
    – New bbPress Forum for the all group discussions.

    That’s it. Suggestions? Please let me know!

    Thank you Taji.

    Fernando M. Areias

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