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Morning Folks,

It occured to me that not all you busy folk get the chance to check my blog everyday… We get busy with our everday life and although visiting your fave blogs might be important to you… it might sometimes slip your mind.

So I figured the best way for you guys to keep track of what’s happening at the Emporium is to subscribe to get the blog updates by email. So whenever I update the Emporium you’ll know about it within hours… instead of days or weeks!

I looked long and hard all over the interweb… and I’ve decided to use Feedburner… its a google based service and it’ll send you my latest post via email to the email address of your choice.

Click here to subscribe:

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You can also subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed here:

Subscribe to my RSS feed

I am an big fan of rss feeds because it means I can quickly review all my fave blogs within 60 seconds without having to go there… if there is nothing of interest I just go on with my business … if there is I click and indulge myself in blogvana.

If you use Firefox (which I highly recommend) then you will already know that your RSS subscription will be shown on the toolbar underneath your address bar… it gives you a convenient way to read your feeds without having to boot up a second application.

But hey if you use a second application… power to ya!

I was looking at other services like constant contact and icontant… this blog here lists 7 alternative services to constant contact:

7 Alternatives to constant contact

Also just as a reminder you can now reach Taji’s Voice Emporium by typing:

yes I know its got two E’s in it but I figured that would be the easiest way to get to the blog if you don’t want to subscribe by Email or by Rss.

On a more personal note… I was stuck at home this weekend recording an audiobook… I’d love to share some of the insight I garnered from that experience (first time I record an audiobook and engineer it all by myself) but I’ll leave that for a later post when I have gained some more insight into self engineering long term projects.

If you got time and you’d like to share… please leave me a comment with what you’ve been working on lately!


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