Stuck At Home – Obama's Visit To Cairo

Morning Folks,

its 9:30 am in Cairo and I just got back home… I’ve spent the last 20 some minutes in a cab trying to get to work (I live about 8 minutes by car from work) and All streets leading to my work have been blockaded because of Barak Obama’s visit to Cairo.

Cairo wasnt built using the Western Grid system… it was built organically … its an ancient city called Heliopolis (city of the sun) so the streets more or less all lead into each other… no matter what way the cab took it was blocked because the Egyptian government blocked any possible way that leads to the highway his entourage will be taking.

Yesterday the Govt. left fliers on people’s cars… the people who’s apartment buildings and houses line that street the US president will be taking…. they were warned not to park their cars in front of their houses… and not to look outside their windows… from the hours of 9 to 12.

That’s freedom for ya… wherever he goes… he spreads it.