Still Alive… Despite All The Meetings

It’s been a crazy few weeks … the company I work for has been working on a new product and once it was completed everything switched into high gear. Lots of meetings and brainstorming sessions. Yesterday I got home at 10 pm and had to be back in the office by 8 am.

So pretty hectic. It brings to mind a adage I recently came across: Meetings are occasions where Minutes are kept and hours are wasted.

Brings to mind a different yet relatively similar situation when you invest time communicating with clients about a job. They haggle and you agree on a price. You schedule the recording. Free yourself up and then a day or two before you are going to record they drop you a line saying they’ve decided to go with a different solution, or their client has decided they want a female to voice the job instead of a male.

Waste of my time. I can’t say the opposite hasn’t happened either. I mean on several occasions me and the client go through the little dance of courtship that happens before a first time job and then they send me the script… and its either really bad and not something I can voice (as in it needs to be re translated) or its for a company I cannot work for (cigarette, hotel, insurance, etc. ) so I can imagine that to them I was a waste of time.

Except I clearly state what I can and can’t work on on my website. So its not like I backed out of a job becuase I decided to go paragliding that day or just didn’t feel like it.

I am often amused by people who complain about Mondays being terrible since they are the first day of the week and it means their time of rest is over.

I actually have 2 “Beginnings of the week” since in Egypt work starts on a Sunday and since most of my voiceover clients are based abroad their week begins on Monday. So my work week starts twice.

The difference being that I look forward to my voiceover jobs whereas I feel much the same as everyone else about my Sunday as they do about their corporate Monday.

I apologize for the long wait between posts but it just couldn’t be avoided.