Stephanie Ciccarelli Email

Yesterday I got an email from Stephanie Ciccarelli Co-Owner of asking me to change a previous posting I put up on my blog a few days back Link. I wont post her email but apparently I posted information that was meant only for paying customers of

I replaced the post with the generic PR press release version that Stephanie had posted in her Vox Daily blog (the official mouth piece for She was nice enough to email me back and thank me (thats cause she’s canadian… if she would have been british she’d have said stop … again (monty python reference there for ya)).

Anyhoo thats it for the excitement in my life yesterday… I have an interesting post coming up soon about the death of ISDN… stay tuned… you guys do know you can subscribe to my RSS feed right?


  1. Hey Taji,

    The link from a few days back is an empty blog page. So apparently the is telling you to not post here? If that is the case I have to disagree with that. This is why we are here so your freedoms will not be plundered by the MAN.
    If they don`t like our policy of freedom to our members then I wish them all the best in stopping us. Post away my friend and let freedom be your guide.
    I would also like to congratulate Taji on his wonderful blogging skills. You really have some great writings.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

    Kind regards,

    Admin for the accused…

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