Opening the Doors for Sponsorship

Hey All,

You will notice today that the Emporium is Google Adsense free… That is because I upgraded my subscription with to increase my Blog quota from 25 megs to 250 megs and remove the ads from my blog.

Now what that does is allow me to open the door for sponsorship of my blog. I spend a few hours ever day coming up with ideas for posts for the blog… scouring the web for articles you might find interesting and sitting down and writing a the actual post. Now I am not asking for a hand out … I am giving any voice over artist or production house (ok maybe not ALL production houses… I review sponsorship candidates) the opportunity to promote themselves to the readers of my blog.

In the last month the blog has picked up considerably and quite a few industry professionals visit the blog everyday… if you would like to promote your personal website or your voice casting profile to these people you can contact me so you can place a sponsorship badge/ mini banner on the top right hand side of the side panel.

Its not that expensive but it has high visibility. and I will provide 1 week, 2 week 1 month and 3 month packages for those interested in long term self promotion via the Emporium.

I can even help you make your own button or advert banner (a simple one… for something more complex you’ll need to find someone to help you out). Like the one I made for myself that’s there already.

I will also be setting up an advertising banner backage (also 1 week, 2 week, 1 month and 3 month durations) for voice over studios, audio equipment manufacturers etc to promote themselves.

I would like to dedicate more time to bringing you the Voice Industry’s latest news and… if you like… you can help me do that… and promote yourself while you’re at it.

Many thanks to Brian and Fernando for being the first to Sign up!

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