Tribute To Speed Talking VOs

So I was thinking a few days back of this guy that used to do all these speed talking spots back in the 80s (when I was in my teens) and I did some research and his name is John Moschitta Jr.

Here he is doing a FedEx Advert:

Yeah I know … blast from the past right! but John Moschitta Jr. totally rocks it out!

Here’s John Doing a couple of  Micro Machines Ads as well

To Quote Wikipedia:

” For many years John Moschitta Jr. was listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Fastest Talker for speaking 586 words per minute. Since the fast talking category has been eliminated from current editions of the book, Moschitta now refers to himself as America’s Favorite Fast Talker. He was raised in a family with five sisters and often remarks he needed to talk fast “just to get a word in edgewise.”

Buddy I got sisters…. I hear ya! Here’s John’s article in wikipedia if you want to read more

Here’s John a few years later:

Here is the world’s fastest talking woman Fran Capo

Here’s a newer commercial that utilizes speed talking:

Thats it for now… drop me a comment if you know of any other good speed talkers or if you just enjoyed this post!

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