Source Connect Group Purchase at

Hello all … I stumbled on this link in my search to achieve VO nirvana.

here is a quote”

Purchase Source-Connect Standard at the highly discounted price started at $350, and with each purchase the price drops by $0.75! As more Voice123 Premium Subscribers buy in, you’ll receive an increasing rebate for the difference between the price you paid and the lowest price the promotion reaches. If enough Voice123 Premium Subscribers join in it could be as low as $195.

For Voice123 Premium Subscribers only, limited to 200 buyers
or until May 31st, 2009. One purchase per subscriber.

Your price now: US$335.00.
Limited to: 200 buyers.
You will be the: 21st purchaser, saving at least US$60.00 now.
You may receive an additional rebate of up to: US$140.00.
Promotion ends: May 31st, or after 200 buyers (whichever comes first)

If you’re interested I guess this could be be a way to save some cash.