Sound Sample From Audio Technica AT2020 USB mic

Before listening to the sample please keep in mind the following:

  • I didn’t write a script for this so you’ll notice I do alot of Ummms and AAhhs its all ad lib.
  • I recorded this at 11 pm and I was up today at 6 am to drop someone off at the airport then go the Canadian embassy downtown to pickup my new passport then go to work etc etc. so my voice is understandably tired.
  • I didn’t remove any of the background noise from the streets outside my apartment or any personal noise
  • The only thing I cut out are a few annoying pauses where I was so tired my brain froze.
  • There are no effects on this file its raw raw raw… no compression no noise reduction … nothing.

To listen to Taji’s microphone audio sample of the Audio Technica AT2020
Click Here

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I’m gonna go crash.



  1. Sounds great, Taji! And whether or not your voice was tired, I can certainly hear why you’re voice overs. 🙂 So are you coming to Canada? (I’m in Canada, which is why I’m curious.) Thanks for the sound sample! All the best, –Jodi

  2. Your voice sounds very clear. Thanks for posting!
    A word for everyone: if you order your equipment through, make sure you link onto Amazon through VOCasting directly. That way, Brian & Company will get credit for referring us.
    Nice singing, Taji! Are you getting ready to audition for American Idol?

  3. Thank you for your sincere test of AT2020. This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I wanted to go to the shop to ask them if they can allow me to record at least some phrases on AT2020 before I buy it (obviously they wouldn;t let me unpack this stuff…). So you made my day.

    I have a question: Do you think AT2020 is too sensitive for a Home environment voice-over recording, if I want to cancel out all the outside noises?

    I used to work with AKG 4000 which is VERY sensitive, and it got me crazy with everything it would pick up from outside…

    Looking forward to your advice at vitaly.s{at}

    Thanks a lot, dear colleague.

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