Vox Daily… This Interview is sooo 6 Months Ago!!!

Guten Tag Everyone,

This is Taji blogging live from Vienna (I’m here on a conference and thought I’d check in and leave this blog post while I’m at it).

I just got this in my email… http://blogs.voices.com/voxdaily/2009/10/interview_with_21_accents_star_amy_walker.html

Its an interview conducted by Stephanie C. (I usually don’t write the rest of the name because I can’t be bothered to look it up… its frikkin complicated) anyway I just wanted to know why she decided to re-interview my friend Amy Walker From the 21 Accents (fame) Youtube video.

I don’t really mind Amy getting more publicity… but I guess Stephanie ran out of people to interview so now she’s just stepping on other blogger’s toes.

Hey at least she asked different questions than my interview (well a few different ones) show’s she’s been reading up on her Voice Emporium Posts.

For those who haven’t read My interview with Amy … here is the URL :


and yess I know I misspelled chameleon.


back to livin it up in Austria. Oh yeah and Stephanie if you are running out of ideas… I got plenty.. I can help you out 🙂

Taji out


  1. In December of ’08, the magazine Scientific American Mind ran an article called: “When Imitation Is More Than Flattery
    Imitating others’ emotional expressions may foster empathy.”


    It was based on a study done by two Dutch psychologists. They noticed that most of us reflexively grin when we see another beaming face and grimace when we see a comrade in pain. Research suggests that such mimicry helps people—especially women—more quickly grasp others’ emotional expressions.

    Now, I don’t really think that Stephanie Ciccarelli was imitating your emotional expressions Taji, when she decided to interview Amy Walker. Amy, on the other hand, is a master (or is it ‘mistress’??) at imitating others.

    It’s amazing how much mileage she got out of her viral video… that’s something worth emulating! Or is there such a thing as ‘overexposure’?

    Enjoy Vienna, by the way, and come back to Cairo, waltzing all the way!

  2. Austria is nice and cold but very not Muslim/Jewish friendly since I can’t find Halal/kosher food to eat. It’s all ham this and pork that. Frikkin hungry being here. Have to find me a veggie restaurant somewhere or I’ll start losing wieght ( and we wouldn’t want that now do we).

    Amazing how much easier it would be travelling here if I knew German!


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