So Far, So Good…. So What?

Good Morning,

For those of you not familiar with late 80s Heavy Metal … that was the title of on of my favorite Megadeth albums.

I just thought that I would update you guys with the blog’s upgrade situation. Currently I am redesigning and adding new features to the blog. I was going to use the same standard theme that I am currently using on the servers… but decided to dish out some money and buy a premium theme with added functionality. This means that I’ll be able to deliver more elements to my readers.

At this point in time I am considering making a page for all the people who want to promote their voice over seminars. This will be a paid page, but it won’t be expensive… $5 per listing and I might include a calendar of upcoming seminars on that page.

I dunno Just thinking out loud.

I was also thinking of including a page on the new site that will showcase voice over books and products. So for those people interested in showcasing their voice over training books or whatever… that place is for you.

Taji’s Voice Over Directory will be moving when I do so once that happens you guys will need to update the link in your bookmarks (if you have it bookmarked.)

so let’s recap:

1. Site move is still on track and should happen inshallah (God Willing) by the end of this month.

2. I am seriously considering making a seminar page. It will be a paid listing … but the listing price will be from 5 to 10 dollars max. It will also include a cool calendar of events page

3. I am thinking of making a voice over product showcase for those who wish to sell their voice over books through my products page.

4. The directory will be moving with me to the new server.

For those interested in listing seminar information with me… contact me through the email listed on the right side panel.



  1. Taji!

    As for features, I would love to be notified when people post on a thread i have commented on and also have the option to “follow a thread” even though I have not made a comment. I think this would be a great feature! Looking forward to it! 🙂 All the best.

  2. Shouldn’t be that hard to setup… I’ll look into it and install the right software once I find it.

    Any other requests? Don’t be shy y’all!

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