Mahmoud Taji and the Mystery of Who Owns SmartCast

It seems that almost all voice talent that I have spoken to recently and who have dealt with the voice over casting site Voice 123 unanimously dislike their SmartCast System.

The site itself doesn’t seem to be that bad … well except for having horrible Public Relations and generally a very automated feel to everything. A feeling that is a little less felt in and have a much smaller setup so you still feel like you’re dealing with human beings on the other end.

But recently while checking my Feedburner statistics (to know if you are enjoying my blog or if I’m doing something wrong) I noticed that someone else is using the term SmartCast…. not only that but they have it as a Trade Mark.

That was a little perplexing to me since I thought that Voice123 had a Registered sign on their SmartCast logo:


Surprisingly the people that have SmartCast as a TM are none other than Google:


This is a screen shot from my feedburner help page… feedburner is a service owned and provided by google for free to allow bloggers the ability to send out blog updates to their readers.

so who owns SmartCast? While I was at it I did a google search for SmartCast and got this:


So I wonder is it SmartCast or Voice123 Smart (dot) Cast … or is it Smart Cast

I also found a wireless fishing finder

as well as a casting agency in South Africa called Smart Cast.

Who does it belong to? Who will sue who? and ultimately…

Does Anybody care?

This mock investigative report was brought to you by Taji’s Voice Emporium…

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