Skype As A Phone Patch or ISDN Alternative

Hello All… I was contemplating not posting today… Didnt really feel like it (I think maybe we all have our Grrr days) … then suddenly I stumbled on something that I felt had to be shared with my loyal readers (and those who stop by every once in a while… its ok I’m not upset… you’re busy… you have your own life… you never call anymore… why dont you call anymore!!… hehe) so yeah back to sanity… I came across a forum discussion at … cause as you know I am such an avid reader of their forums (pause).

Here is an exerpt of that discussion… I thought this would be one way for you to start moving away from the ISDN / phone patch option and moving toward a more 2009 welcome to Al Gore’s Information Superhighway (pause)..alternative.

“Brando Ortiz Says:

Does anybody here use skype for their VO duties?..
I love skype, its cheap to call anywhere, has good quality for just communication, directing, etc, it does not suffer from a lot of delay . I’ve done many a foreign session with skype on my laptop acting as a telephone, and I/O routed through my digital console. The client hears the talent on their phone, the talent hears the client trough the cans, I hear both, and they both hear me, With the console, I can mute/unmute any feed and keep independent levels for everyone. It works great!
It is very robust and I don’t remember ever having a call droping out.

I wonder why no one ever mentions it around here. “.

The forum has some pretty good suggestions for bringing down the cost of having a client call in and direct you over skype.

here is the link to the forum post Link.

Recently (a couple of days ago) Skype released a client for the iPhone that is available for download at the Apple App Store. Now the fact that Skype took a year or so to release the iphone client is weird beyond belief… The application is still buggy as heck but works. The problem is that Fring (a multi chat client) has provided this service for at least 7 months prior to skype’s release… so why bother switching… well for one thing once the iPhone System 3.0 upgrade is available to download you will be able to use your Skype over 3G which makes for amazing quality at high 3G bandwidth.

But when a client recently wanted me to use skype as an alternative for a phone patch… the problem of Egypt’s slow bandwidth became an issue.

Anyway… Enjoy the forum topic I posted earlier… it could give you an edge that you might not have had before.

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