Silence of the Worms – NVR


As a few of you might know, I am Palestinian. The blood running through my veins might have some mixed Arab ancestry but the town my father was born in and his father and their fathers for centuries are, for now,  under occupation.

It’s one of the last places in the civilized world where one group of people still occupies another. I am neither from Gaza (although my Aunt’s husband is from there and she still lives there) nor am I from the West Bank (although I have family living there as well). No I am from the bit right in the middle where an invading people in 1948 decided to evict the local populace.

Which makes me a refugee.

Flotilla Incident

Yesterday saw one of the occupation forces biggest public transgression yet. I am not talking of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians that were killed throughout the period of the occupation of Palestine by the occupation forces. No, I am talking about the attack of the IDF (The Israeli military) on the International Peace force trying to bring aid to Gaza.

A few of you might have noticed last year when the Occupation forces undertook operation ‘Cast Lead’ where they killed between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed. Now think about that 13 people were killed from the occupied forces compared to 1.4 thousand people.

In any case since that massacre they occupation forces have enforced sanctions on the devastated area of Gaza. They have hindered aid coming in and have stopped many of the injured from leaving or have held them up at checkpoints long enough for them to die and so not really require that medical attention. The occupation forces claim that they are letting in aid… which the UN has judged to be only 1/4 of what the area needs from humanitarian aid.

Why it took place

Which is why the Flotilla of Peace / Palestinia was initiated. To get aid to those who need it. Of course if you had followed yesterday’s news you would know that the occupation forces attacked the aid ships 40 km off the coast of Gaza (in international waters) and killed 9 people and injured another 26.

The occupation forces claim that the people on the boat attacked them with knives and hand guns. Later they changed their statement to sticks and slingshots (since pictures were taken and broadcast).

Now let’s for a second think about the fact that a navy attacked a group of ships in international waters. According to international law that constitutes an act of Piracy and war.

Now lets go a step further. These transgressors stormed these ships via helicopter and attacked people using machine guns. IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS! and they have the gal to claim that they were defending their boarders?

Apparently the peace Flotilla’s cargo of wheelchairs and medication for those still suffering from the highly illegal and internationally condemned phosphorous bombs used on them in Gaza might turn those wheel chairs to some wicked weapons of mass construction and maybe try to rebuild their devastated land which the occupation forces regularly bombs just to put them Palies in their place.

Silence of the Worms, Chirping of the Crickets.

That’s how I see it. I see those who can look at such criminal acts and still support those same occupation forces as worms. For how can they call themselves human when their sense of Justice has been lost. That they would support killers and murderers regardless of what they have done.

Some of the countries who lost people or had some of their citizens injured have reacted:  Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, kudos for having a backbone. But have you done enough?

Oh Gaza if this is what they do to you when the eyes of the world are on them. What have they done to you behind our backs?

Educate Yourselves

I cannot run my flag at half mast… but I can put it upside down to morn humanity.