Shameless plug of the Day

Nomad-One Independent Design & Web Consultancy

Hey folks… its me again and I’m here to give you my first shameless plug of the day… maybe later on I’ll be famous and people will  pay money for me to try their products out… Lux! are you listening!

Anyway… If you guys had read my previous posts about marketing yourself through your website.. you would have realized that I was actually doing just that. And recently I registered the domain and started the process of figuring out how to design and implement my new website.

One person who provided endless advice and was and still is one of the most amazing designers I know is Mr. Nur Furlong owner of .. Nomad -One

Nur is based in South Africa and is one of the few people I can call a close friend. He is both dedicated… creative… courageous and painfully sweet (seriously I feel evil next to him). He was the one who helped me decide on a design for my site and has been there for me throughout the seemingly endless mess ups and disasters that I was able to inflict on my website (I was determined to be the administrator of the site).

If you are smarter than me (and you probably are) then I suggest you give Mr. Furlong the creative and technical reigns and hire him to setup your website for you.

Also if you aren’t happy with your existing website and you think that you need a site redesign… he’s your guy! Also the guy is a WordPress virtuoso

Go to for a quotation on how much it would cost to setup your new website or redesign your old site send him an email today!

End of shameless plug… We now resume with our usual programing