Social Media & Sending A Man to LA

Today’s post is an amalgamation of several bits of news:

1. Taji’s Voice Emporium now has a Facebook Fan Page… If you would like to follow us via facebook (some people prefer that medium) then take a look at the right side of the page and click the facebook icon to take you to our fan page there.

2. Just in case you weren’t aware I have a group on LinkedIn for voice over professionals… if you would like to join then please follow this link

3. For those who would like to Sponsor a Geographically challenged friend of mine by the name of Andy Boyns (that’s him with his son William in today’s blog header. Then you can do so by following this link andy is based in Turkey. Andy is dying to reach out to his VO brothers and sisters across the pond and rub shoulders with all the folks he’s made friends with online. If you’d like “hook a brother up” and help him realize his dream then you can follow the link above and make a 5$, 10$ or 25$ donation to help make his dream come true.

4. A real interesting discussion is going on at linkedin: This one is about Nightmare ISDN or studio sessions.

Just for curiosity’s sake… if you have a nightmare VO session you’d like to share with us… please go ahead and leave one in the comment section.