Scam Artists: Clients

If you are a VO professional and have dealt with a client who has scammed you out of payment and can corroborate this with another VO artist… please leave a comment with the name and details of this client here:

Confirmed Scammers

1. William May evidence

People You Should Avoid Doing Working For

The following people have had complaints submitted about them but the corroboration amount has not reached the sufficient number to make them permanent parts of the list.

  1. Bryan Edwards – Company 7th Trumpet Productions
  2. The Explore Talent Scam details
  3. Creative On-hold, Inc – Michael McKay



  1. Vox Box in India for Melroy D’Mello, Michelle D’Mello and Shawn Pereira who is now operating under Voice Up. They do not pay their talent after receiving the end product. Have an unprofessional demeanor, push beyond reasonable deadlines and then to add assault to injury, they tell others you “suck”. Excuse the expression but, that came out of his mouth, not mine.
    Isabella Arevalo
    Spanish VO and Talent Agent

    1. Isabella I have moved all discussions of Scamming to the TVO (Taji’s Voice Oasis) forum for this website.

      Any companies that are mentioned there will be added to the Scam Alert Page. So if you would like to contribute the names of scammers please go to: and get registered then add whatever comment you want to in the Scam Alert Forum.


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