Redditors Of The VO World, We Salute You

For those of you who have addictive tendencies turn back. This post is not for you. For those who cannot control their browsing urges, I beseech you close your browser window now or click your StumbleUpon button or visit your favorite web comic site and do not be tainted by what I am about to reveal.

The truth is that I am a redditor. You will ask what does he mean? Is that a typo? a name of a gang? Oh my God is he on Drugs!!!? Stay away from that stuff Taji… oh your poor family 🙁

Ok… enough drama.

Welcome To Reddit, Leave Your Ego At The Door

Actually things are a little more Kosher than that. The term Redditor designates me as someone who is active on, I stumbled upon the site through a 3rd party web reference. Someone was basically posting material posted to on their site and were getting a massive amount of hits just by post the material by proxy.

Reddit is a community of people interested in anything and everything that congregate on this one website and vote on what they like or dislike. So if I liked an article by say Bob Souer then I would post the link on Reddit and people would go and read the article and if they like it they would Upvote it and if they dislike it they would Downvote it.

The person who submitted the link (who shared it with the community) can either bask in the “Karma” of the upvotes (the more upvotes you get the more karma) or tumble down into the pits of negative karma.

Simple as that.

The Voiceover Community Subreddit

Naturally after browsing the website for a few days I figured that I should check up on the VO community of Reddit and connect with them. The Reddit website is broken down into categories that people can visit depending on their interests and passions. These categories are called subreddits and anyone can start one. So I visited the /r/voiceover subreddit and found only one link that seemed perverse and somewhat adult in nature.

I checked around and found that /r/voiceovers didn’t exist. So I started it myself and became its moderator.

What Does That Mean for the Voiceover Community?

Quite simply its a quick way for the community to post links to Articles, Gear Reviews, Casting Calls, and Voiceover resources all in one continuous stream. All you need is a reddit account (which is free and you can setup in a few minutes) Spammers can be controlled and blacklisted and for those who contribute get upvotes (and status, your confidence will grow day by day and your coolness factor will increase exponentially) and the gratitude of your fellow VOs.

The nice thing about Reddit is the fact that you can switch from one section to another, one interest to another so quickly that its pretty much a one stop shop for world news, a laugh, food recipes and any thing you can possibly think of.

You can even make private subreddits by invitation only.

So If you have the time and inclination why don’t you come on over to and connect… my nick is Thundertoad.


  1. Great article. Reddit communities are truly hanging in there and doing great things. Am I the only one who is still surprised that it’s still around and doing so well? Nevertheless, I’m glad to see it. To be honest, I haven’t been on Reddit in years. I’ll be rejoining AND joining the voiceover group today! I hope to see you there soon! I’ll be adding you. Please add me also. My name will be FoxyVox1. Have a great day and please keep up the great writing.

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