Reach out and Touch Sombody’s Life

Ah yes! Social networking… the catch phrase of the past 3 years and one of the main focuses of although so far I have yet to see any casting involved this site … so far… has lent itself more towards being a forum and meeting place for Voice Actors than anything else… besides it was put together by which is a multilingual voice over agency so I can see how this is a smart way for them to generate a big pool of voice over artist and have and easy way to access them and their information… Are you shocked? I’m not … nothing wrong with them doing that… at least I got to meet all you nice folks and gain some further insight into the Voice Over Market.

hey correct me if I got that all wrong but I for one dont really care how you go about attracting your VO talent. I’m here daily and thats more than I can say for who I’ve paid to host my profile.

Anyway cudos to ya! and shame on you guys for not including my demo in the Arabic Voice Over Artist section!!! Naughty Agency!

So anyway back to the issue at hand…. Social networking… I’m not really going to make this a long post but hey i’m new to this whole blogging thing and one has to find balance and a form of voice (no pun) to the way one writes.

Not so long ago (maybe a year or so) someone sent me an invite to join

and at first I was like… meh! who cares its another social site… except it isnt… its a business related Social Site…. Think facebook but where you can hook up to other people in the voice over business (and there are many) from producers to agents to sound engineers to publishers… This site is all about connecting and reconnecting with old business aquantances and in our business thats about 50% of getting a job.

Now what I’ll do is post a link to my profile there:

and you folks feel free to add me as a contact. Also people keep in mind I’m not getting paid by these people to promote there site I’m trying to help you cause I’ve actually seen results when it comes to reconnecting with other people that i’ve enjoyed working with in the past (oh … and relatives… yeay!) so anyway when you have the time … look into getting yourself registered and start getting social.