How Much Should You Charge? What Rates Should You Use?

Whether you belong to a Union or Not there is always an issue when it comes to how much you should charge for a job. Some of our members believe that the Voice Over casting sites  ( I guess now I should upgrade the term to be the 3 Vs…., and are driving the rates down… are taking jobs away from the pros and are generally causing havoc in the universe. I was going to cut and paste the contents of a few resources here… but I figured that the post would be around 10 pages long… and it would take you 3 hours to scroll to the end of it so I decided I would just cut and paste the links to the Voice over rates and rate related calculators that I have found.

These are by no means the be all end all of Voice over rates… I charge according to a different standard that was placed in a different voice over market which requires a different skill set. But then again I service a niche market (arabic Voice over). So anyway… back to the subject at hand… How much should you charge? what rates should you use?

Here is what I could dig up:

Edge Studios Voice Over Industry’s Rate Card Suggested Voice Over Industry Average Rates How Much Are Talent and Producers chargine for online delivered work

The Voice Over Words to Hours Converter

Union Voice Over Rates. From

Voice Over Rates in Canada: From Vox Talent

Voice Over Rates in Australia: From Emvoices

I hope this list of rates is usefull and can help you formulate the right rates for yourself. Remember you can always assess a job according to the situation.. A little Give and Take never hurts at the Emporium.

Drop me a line if you have some more resources I can add to my list… but please note that I wont use personal rates from established talent …. I want a comprehensive compiled list … thanks!