Quiet on the Set! Say hello to QuietGlue

Back in January of 2010 I wrote an article about a sound absorption product called Green Glue. The point of the article was to bring the product to the attention of my readers (who are mostly voiceover artists or audiophiles) Since many of you are either building yourselves (or others) home studios and / or constantly trying to improve your studio’s sound quality. I figure Taji’s Voice Emporium is the perfect place to showcase some sound isolation products.

Today’s article is not a review since I don’t have access to the product itself … but I thought it only fair that I would write an article about Green Glue’s direct competitor Quiet Glue, especially since many of the people who read the Green Glue article mentioned that there is (in their opinion) a better (and cheaper) product out there that can help with sound isolation / absorption / dampening.


Quietglue is a glue like material that is packaged in caulk tubes (or buckets depending on how much you wish to purchase) and is a product of a company called Serious Energy Inc. Quietglue Pro is tagged on their website as “The Highest Performing, Lowest Cost Soundproofing Glue for DIY” Quiet Rock go through quiet a lot of trouble to prove this by comparing the claims of their direct competitor Green Glue to their product here.

One of the major points that QuietGlue pushes as a benefit for their product over their competitor is price.. as can be illustrated with this table taken from their site:


Product Comparison
Cost $165-$175/case $99-$119/case


Serious Energy Inc. compliments their QuietGlue Pro sound dampening glue with a series of other products namely QuietSeal Pro

As well as QuietPutty which is a putty that can be used to wrap around objects.


Cutting an Opening on the QuietGlue Pro Tube

Cut Tube TopCut top of tube and attach nozzle to the opening Cut Nozzle TipCut the tip of the nozzle creating an opening of 1/4″ – 3/8”.
caulkinggun A bulk caulking gun is recommended for use with 1 and 5 gallon buckets. Never use a trowel as it will reduce performance.

Applying QuietGlue Pro

Leave Edge ClearanceLeave a 1”–2” edge around the drywall panel for easier handling. Cover 50 PercentApply QuietGlue Pro evenly on the panel with a thickness of 3/8”.
newqgdrawing245 QuietGlue should evenly cover 10% – 20% of the entire surface area of panel. (Tubes: Two 28 oz. tubes per 4’X8’ sheet; 1 Gallon: 73 sqft/gallon).

Installing the Panel

Add Second Layer

Before placing the second layer, apply QuietSeal around the perimeter of the existing wall.

Place second layer of panel on top of existing layer, sandwiching the QuietGlue Pro in between. Insert screws along the edge about every 12 inches, as well as through the studs. Screws used should penetrate at least 1″ into a wooden stud, or 5/8″ into steel studs. (If possible, stagger the seam for best acoustic performance.)

Finish assembly as desired. Wait 24-48 hours before painting, sealing, or applying any other liquid components

Taji’s Thoughts

Serious Energy Inc. seems to have a great product here… but their online marketing of the product is mediocre at best. If I was someone who did my shopping based on website appearance (and there are many who do this) I would definitely go with Green glue. I believe that the QuietGlue Pro people should dedicate a website just for their QuietGlue Pro product and make it as easy to use and as idiot proof as possible.

Maybe they want only the most professional of clients… those who know exactly what they want… who understand that the curing time for something like that is 15 days not instantaneous … and that dampening is not the same as complete isolation.

I don’t know… what I do know is that I’ve heard a lot of good things about this product and I think my readers should consider it when thinking of purchasing some sound dampening material for the home (or Pro) studios.