Prayers for Good Health

Although it saddens me when calamities happen to friends and family. I find that to some degree it brings us closer that we might share their burden and alleviate the suffering they are experiencing.

Very recently I was shocked to find that my good friend Michelle Summers, one of the partners at was taken to the hospital and suffered from a medical condition that rendered her bed ridden for the better part of a month.

I was upset that she had not mentioned this to me earlier but the truth is that she didn’t have time to update us with her status while she was in the middle of fighting for her life.

So I urge you to send Michelle your prayers for her good health. Show her that you care and that this community is not just a group of individuals trying to steal jobs from each other… but one of friends and colleagues who care for the safety and well being of our fellow trench dwellers.

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  1. Hi Taji,

    Thanks so much for the kind well wishes for Michelle. She is feeling much better and you can check out her Facebook page at Michelle Summers. She just spent the last week in Disney World with her dad so she’s out there having a blast and has some nice posts up about her fun trip. Oh, and check out her adorable new haircut, too! She’s looking great after going through such a traumatic event. Thank God for great doctors and friends who prayed for and with her during her recent illness. And thanks to all of you who sent her well wishes.

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