Particles In The Voice Over Universe

As I was prowling the new member’s profiles (as I sometimes do… if this creeps you out then you might want to cower in the corners of your …. nevermind) so yeah I was checking out some new member’s profile (Rick Lance… the Voice of Americana) and I stumbled on a website that he’s a member of called


This website is similar to but a little older and quite alot more different in style. It caters more to the North American voice over community and allows you to upload 100 demos of up to 20 megs each (geez thats a lot isnt it?) anyway I recently joined and they dont really approve anyone… they put you through a verification process… but it doesn’t take long and you can probably get approved same day.

One of the cool features that they have is a group for buying and selling used equipment as well as groups dedicated to discussing marketing and promotional ideas to promote your Voice Over career.

I’m going to send a call out to you Voice Over Artist who know of similar sites… please drop me a line so I can check out those sites and write up a report on them.