One For The Wall

I am not a friend of “Forwarded Emails” in fact I pretty much have them sent to spam the moment I get them. Which is why my wife was the one who brought this forwarded email to my attention.

The story starts out as a description of a touristic coffee shop in the middle of Italy. Where it is located or what they specialize in doesnt matter. It is not relevant to the story… suffice it to say that they make coffee.

The Person telling the story is sitting enjoy their coffee when a customer walks into the store sits down and starts reading the newspaper waiting for the waiter to acknowledge him.

The Waiter comes to take the man’s order and the man says “I would like a cappuccino and one for the wall” the waiter nods his head and goes to bring the man’s coffee. He  serves the man his cappuccino and then takes out a booklet from his back pocket. Tears off a sheet and sticks it on the wall.

The paper says… 1 coffee from the wall.

The man finishes his cappuccino and leaves paying for 2 coffees. The story continues that a couple walk in… each orders their preferred version of the java bean beverage and then order “One for the wall”.

They get their orders and a paper gets stuck to the wall saying 1 coffee from the wall. They drink their coffees, pay for 3 beverages and leave.

At this point the person telling the story is confused and they days go by. Since this coffee shop is close to his/her hotel they frequent it often and one day while they are sitting drinking their coffee… a man walks in… he is obviously not a wealthy man. In fact he is someone who is down on his luck and possibly homeless.

The man sits at a table and waits for the waiter. The waiter comes to take the gentleman’s order which the down-on-his-luck gentleman say is “A coffee from the wall”.

The waiter nods his head goes to the wall… takes down one of the paper notes on it and goes to bring the needy man his coffee. The man drinks his coffee thanks the waiter and leaves.

The story teller is amazed at the simple and to the point system where people can help someone in need without causing that person embarrassment or discomfort.

End of Story

In The Back of My Head

So people give out hundreds and thousands of dollars to charity. So how can I use this “One For The Wall” system to help the Voiceover Community.

And we are a community. We should have a way to help people who are down on their luck. We should be trying to make our fellow VOs lives better. So I sat and thought about it. What do most voice actors have missing?


Maybe you have an extra mic that you don’t use. Maybe an old laptop. Maybe even just a USB wire. Why not donate that? Maybe someone will be able to make use of that and maybe you can make a difference to that person.

Audition Site Memberships

God has blessed you with a successful career and you are making money hand over fist. You are a good person and you want to do something but don’t know how? How about buying a membership for someone in an Audition Site. You’ve made friends in the community and some of those friends might not be as lucky or blessed as you are. How about you buy them a membership in or or Annual membership too steep? why don’t you talk to a few of your friends and you guys can pool your resources and buy an “On The Wall” membership for someone…. give it to them as a present.

Laptop / Desktop / Software

So you have an old laptop or desktop… you’ve been careful with them and they’re in relatively good condition. You update your PC or Mac regularly and you have no need of the old one taking up space. Why don’t you give it to someone who might be able to use them and make money to feed their families?

We all know the story of Ted Williams… and regardless of what his mom or his daughter or his wife think… that was a person with a talent who was in need and he got a lucky break… maybe not one that lasts too long but that is not in your hands.

One For The Wall

I get lots of requests from India on my site The Voiceover Pavilion from voice actors who might not have the means to pay for membership on my site. Or for that matter a website of their own. Maybe we can setup a fund where we can buy someone a domain and setup a basic page for them… you don’t have to donate just your money… you can donate your time… if you know how to design or have hosting service and don’t mine having an addon site attached to it.

We can send donations to SAVOA so that people who cannot afford their $75 membership can get themselves tested and accredited/validated. Its not much but it could be allot for someone who doesn’t have much to begin with.

The possibilities are endless… Its just that we need a push to get things rolling.

I guess the first step would be.. to build a wall

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  1. A excellent topic, Mahmoud! Your idea has merit. Sometimes the best ‘contribution’ is to empower someone to use their talent and skills.

    On another subject: I want you to know that our thoughts are with you in Egypt as the country is going through historic changes. We hope that when the dust settles that the citizens will have more control over their destiny. As an American, I know frequently take for granted what is not ‘standard’ in other lands.

    Love to you and your family.

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